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While several of the Outer Banks' most popular sports seemingly flew onto the scene in the past decade or two, like kiteboarding or stand up paddle boarding SUPwindsurfing has been drawing water sports lovers to the North Carolina coast for nearly fifty years. In essence, windsurfing can pride itself as being the Outer Bank's oldest, and one of its most beloved sound-based sports, and everyone from seasoned riders to windsurfing newcomers can catch an exceptional ride.

With some of the consistently best wind and water conditions on the East Coast, and miles of water to glide on, it's no wonder that windsurfers from around the world come to the Outer Banks to break out the sails, lean back, and enjoy the ride.

Basically, if you can find a public soundfront beach, or a vacation rental home with a grassy or sandy beach to launch from, you can windsurf on the Outer Banks. A number of popular windsurfing vacation home communities in Kitty HawkNags HeadAvon and Frisco also border an intricate network of soundside canals that loop through the vacation homes and run into the sound, allowing windsurfers the ability to set up their gear and launch from their private dock, and within minutes be flying across the open sound water.

Many vacation rental companies, and even campgrounds like the soundfront Frisco Woods Campgroundwill note if a property or area has excellent water sports access.

windsurfing shops

Look for soundfront or canalfront properties, and be sure and book early - waterfront vacation homes can fill up quickly, especially in the off-season and shoulder seasons, when water and wind based sports are at their peak. In addition to private rental homes, windsurfers have their pick of a number of public soundfront beaches and accesses all along the Outer Banks.

The Historic Corolla Park in Corollaadjacent to the Whalehead in Historic Corollaoffers acres of public soundfront area for windsurfers and kiteboarders to launch from. Open year-round, this area offers ideal access to the open miles of the Currituck Sound. Both locations are open year round, though it should be noted that the Jockey's Ridge State Park closes its gate to the soundfront areas of the park seasonally, from around p. Both of these areas have become popular with windsurfers and kiteboarders alike over the past few years, particularly Jockey's Ridge.

Have fun launching, but be sure and use caution for swimmers and splashing kids who might also be sharing the water.

One of the most popular stretches of the Outer Banks for windsurfers however, is Hatteras Island, particularly the world renowned Canadian Hole. Located just south of where the island "hooks" and turns West towards the mainland, the Canadian Hole offers access to a veritable playground of open sound waters to explore, with many miles close enough to land in case a rider encounters trouble.

The amenities at Canadian Hole include plenty of parking, and seasonally open bathrooms and showers, as well as access to the ocean right across the beach. It should be noted that restroom and shower facilities at Canadian Hole close during the winter months, generally from Thanksgiving until March. For windsurfers, however, the only amenity that matters is the wide sandy beach and ample elbow room for setting up and launching windsurfing rigs.

In the shoulder season, it's not unusual to find dozens of windsurfers and kiteboarders hunkered down at the 'Hole, and gliding across the water at breezy speeds. Some windsurfers in seek of a thrill will hit the Atlantic Ocean, particularly across from the Canadian Hole, and at the small nearby beach access just a mile north known locally as " Old Road.

Other popular Hatteras Island launching points include the Salvo Day Use Area which is located north of Avon, and just a half mile or so south of Salvo. This area also features a wide grassy launching area, public restrooms, picnic area, and tons of parking.

Windsurfers can also explore the network of sandy soundside trails that border NC Highway 12 between Avon and Salvo. Unpopulated and undiscovered, the majority of these sound accesses lead out to deserted sound beaches, ideal for exploring. Just be sure you bring your 4WD vehicleas you'll need 4WD to navigate the dense deep sand tracks. Frisco - In Frisco, the Frisco Woods Campground offers exceptional sound access as well as seasonal events.

Not for the competitive, many of these events are simply celebrations and exhibitions of "Come as you are" windsurfing and kiteboarding, allowing riders to meet and mingle with their fellow water sports enthusiasts.

Ocracoke - Ocracoke Island has ample sound access points as well, although a number of windsurfers head to soundfront areas just north of the harbor, particularly around Springer's Point Nature Preserve. Here, windsurfers can enjoy excellent access to the Pamlico Sound, while watching all the boats and ferries pass by, but still be well out of their path.

The Gorge Surf Shop

This area is also popular with kiteboarders, kayakers, and even jet skiers, so use caution when heading out to these waters. Windsurfers have plenty of options when it comes to equipment, from wetsuits to harnesses, rash guards to full rigs.

A number of national water sports chains, like REAL Kiteboarding and Kitty Hawk Kitesconsider the Outer Banks to be their home base, and as such, both companies have shops in virtually all villages from Corolla to Ocracoke offering windsurfing and other water sports equipment. Smaller businesses, like Ride HatterasOcean Air Sports or Sail Worldall located on Hatteras Island, also have plenty of equipment available for purchase or rent, as well as local experts on hand to help guide buyers on their selections.

Complete rigs can be a little pricey, and windsurfers on a budget often wait until the end of the season to make their major purchases. By Thanksgiving, many water sports suppliers and stores are offering deep discounts on the past year's equipment, and businesses that provide rentals or lessons may offer their gently used equipment for sale at even better prices.

The Gorge Surf Shop

A late October or November shopping trip is a good way to get the best deals, but be sure not to wait too long. After Thanksgiving, many smaller shops close their doors for the winter, and stay closed until spring.Join our email newsletter — Sign Me Up!

Lesson Booking FAQs.

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Your goals become our shared goals. We will join you in your quest to learn windsurfing, kiteboarding or stand up paddle boarding a. We will help you to improve your riding skills as you progress in each sport. We will help you to get the best and most appropriate equipment for your riding level, budget, and style. Their service is absolutely the best.

windsurfing shops

I trust their professional judgement and they have impeccable attention to detail. I emailed several shops but only this one understood what I was looking for. Rebecca helped me get a good fit on a women's windsurfing harness.

She shipped it to me and followed up a week later just to check in on the fit. Kiteboarding is a tremendous amount of funand Crown Beach was the perfect place to learn. I was impressed by how Boardsports places a huge emphasis on safety and learning kiteboarding properly. We had an awesome time paddle boarding a. SUP for the first time! I would really recommend trying this place out, it has great rates, and Alameda is beautiful on a sunny day!

I was very happy [with the beginner windsurfing class]. This was a very effective lesson - very detailed, good communication, very deliberate. I was impressed. Like most people, I looked online for prices and deals on kiteboarding equipment. I decided to buy my gear through Boardsports, and I'm so happy I did. They gave me great prices, a free rig and tuning session, and helped me launch my gear for the first time.

The info I received was invaluable - thank you Boardsports! Great personal service. Great knowledge of the sport and the equipment. The BEST experience before, during, and after purchase. Boardsports' Crown Beach location offers gentle winds, mellow vibes, low traffic, warm er water, and a shallow, sandy take-off zone perfect for learning windsurfing launch and steering maneuvers.

Search for: Search. Buy Gear Buy Gear.From the first time that you actually get the board to skim along a calm pond or lake, you'll experience a rush of exhilaration that affixes a permanent grin on your face while producing squeals and hoots of delight! Like in a sailing boat, you're harnessing the wind. But you are the rigging that supports the sail, you hold the energy of the wind and it feels awesome! Conventional sailing may be thrilling, but you'll feel much closer to the power and magic of the wind riding aboard a windsurfer.

Naturally powered, windsurfing is an environmentally sound water sport that doesn't create noise or pollutants.

Slingwing Classic V1

Many windsurfers claim there is nothing more soothing for the body and mind. Whether you are 8 or 80, you can enjoy windsurfing. It's easy, doesn't require great strength or athletic courage. If you can swim, you can windsurf! Combining the thrills of surfing, with the tranquility of sailing, windsurfing puts you in touch with nature even better than a good hike. Go off by yourself for peace of mind, sail in a crowd of other windsurfers for unbeatable camaraderie or explore uncharted waters with a friend.

Another reason to windsurf is simply that it's good for you! Gliding effortlessly along beautiful stretches of clear and open water, breathing in the fresh air, away from the noises and stresses of everyday life, windsurfing relaxes your body and soul. Plus, it's a great exercise! You'll be surprised how toned your back, arms, legs, and stomach feel after a day of even the easiest windsurfing.

An easy sport, just toss your board on the roof of your car or in the back of the van and head to the beach. No boat trailers, ramps, or registration needed! A windsurfer can be used almost anywhere.

windsurfing shops

What can be simpler? Once you try windsurfing you'll be hooked! Windsurfing isn't just a guy's sport either. Browse through any windsurf magazine and you'll see how many women are enjoying the sport. Windsurfing is not a strength sport; it's a finesse sport. And who has more finesse? As with other sports, a good first experience is very important. We want you to come back again and again! Older boards were only 25" wide, not very stable and resulted in many falls.

Most beginners needed about five hours to master the basics. Today's boards are 40" wide, much more stable and outfitted with super lightweight sails. Now the learning curve has been reduced to only one hour!

windsurfing shops

Windsurfing is an easy learned skill, if you have the right instructor and the right equipment. Ace Performer will thoroughly explain the fundamentals, including a glossary of windsurfing terms.

And you'll practice on the best learning equipment. Windsurfing is fun for the whole family. So dive in, hop up and hold on!JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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You have no items to compare. March 30, Many thanks for the follow up mate. I want to make sure you give a very big thank you to Jon who spent 20 minutes on the phone explaining to me how the gear has changed over the past 20 years since I last windsurfed. Looking forward to seeing how this "new" stuff handles.

All the best and I will be placing an order for a wet suit and harness as well once I figure out what I need Cheers, Jim. August 23, Wanted to tell you how happy we are with the kit. We have taken it out twice now and already I am able to sail out and back to where I started! My wife is doing well also having gotten under way several times. You definitely set us up for success. Travis from Nebraska. January, 29, Thank you! I appreciate the speed of your customer service. Mark from California.

September 17, The RRD Hi-flight is a blast to use. Thanks again. July 9, I bought a complete rig recently and I am very happy with it all. The sail is beautiful, the service is excellent. Thank you for allowing me to re-live my passion, I had put it on hold for almost 15 years Silvain from Illinois.

August 6, Thank you for your advise! Edouard from New York. March 7, JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Items 1 - 24 of You can windsurf in many ways; in the waves, with a GPS, with your kids, cruising, freestyle, competitions etc.

This low impact form of watersport offers hours of pleasure on the water. It seems that windsurfing is even coming back into popularity. Men and women who stopped windsurfing years ago are picking up the thread again.

Years ago they were using Kleppers, Windgliders, Tencate or Mistral. Already for years Telstar Surf is one of the most important surfshops in Holland. Amongst the large range of surf equipment, expert sales people can advise you on just about all questions about windsurfing that you can think of. All of the staff in the surfshop speak a reasonable to good level of Englisch.

The surfshop on Horst Beach on the A is open 7 days a week in the high season. The items in the online shop are in principle in stock, unless it is stated that it takes more time to supply. This website uses cookies. Click here for more information.

Home Windsurf. Show 24 36 Duotone Quiver Flight. Now they want to relive windsurfing, with or without their children. Categories Category. Filteren Shop By. Shopping Options Brand. In store available items Webshop only items.Notify me when this product is available:. This is a great value windsurf package to suit a complete beginner to intermediate rider Targeting beginners and intermediates, the ExplorAIR is very big and wide with lots of volume This is a great value windsurf package to suit an intermediate rider.

Perfect for someone This is a great value windsurf package to suit a complete beginner. This package includes We are proud to introduce the lightest, fastest, most efficient LW slalom sail ever. All-Round Wave The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions The Viper is a clean, light, wavesail developed for charging heavy conditions. A five batten The Nexus is the best sail choice for eassy power, speed and maneuvers in conditions Sitting right between the wave and freeride programs, the Fusion offers a flavor for every Powered by Shopify.

Not sure what to buy? Give our experienced rider staff a call on 03 or visit us in-store today. Size 86 Add to Cart Continue Shopping or Checkout. Size 69 75 83 88 Size 79 86 94 Size COLOR 2.

Size 74 79 84 89 94 Size 7. Size 86 96 COLOR 3.

2019 SUP Windsurfing Inflatable Board

COLOR 1. Size 3. Size 86 94 Size 97 COLOR 4. Size 1. Size 5.

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Tuttle Box. Sign Up for our Newsletter.For us, diving into our passions helps to lift our spirits. We invite you to give us a call or send us an email if you'd like to daydream about your next board, sail, or foil. As always, we are here for you and we are happy to discuss gear, technique, or just have a chat! If you would like to place an order- We are open for biz, with extra safety precautions in place. Some shipments might take a day or two longer than normal to get out the door, but most orders are shipping within normal time frames.

We thank you for your continued support!

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Shop here for closeout windsurfing equipment with blowout sale prices! Quantities are limited, so grab your gear before it's gone! Cash in your rewards points and save big! Not sure what to get? Contact us - we're here to help!

Notify me when this product is available:. No further discount codes Enjoy the advancements of the new HoverGlide FWind Foil with Infinity 76 wing in combination with the closeout pricing on the Dialer board!

Quatro's Cube Quad is a fast and grippy wave board that keeps its speed through the turns and lets you hit it HARD in onshore Quatro's Pyramid Thruster Wave Board is a wave purist's dream board, offering super tight, snappy turns that will fit into the steepest sections of the Neil Pryde.

If you like going FAST, this is the foil for you! No further discount codes or coupons will be honored, Ooooh baby, if you want light weight, this is YOUR mast!

Gobs of power will get you up and running in the The Banzai has been a wave and bump and jump machine for years now, and the version exceeds all expectations with it's massively The 3 Batten Goya Fringe is a surprisingly stable, super light, powerhouse of a wave sail.

Sanibel Isalnd windsurfing rentals and lessons

We love the Fringe for everything from side The Guru is a longstanding favorite among sailors who prefer a super controllable and smooth handling sail for any high wind or wave conditions.

The Mark Pro is Goya's super popular camless free race sail! The Mark rigs up with a deep pocket and positive rotation, providing plenty Very Limited Quantities!! Guru Pro Control Wave Ride Engine. Menu 0. Rewards Coupons Sign in. Newly Updated: Deep Discounts on and older gear! Add to Cart. Board Volume Quatro Super Mini Pro Quatro. Size 79 85 94 Quatro Cube Pro Quad Quatro.

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